Safety, Security and Surveillance using SmartKavach™
ThirdEye™ solution is Unique solution for the multiple industrial Enterprises market.
It includes following 3 products :
  • SmartKavach: A Lightweight, high end, small wearable communication device built using rugged material.
  • Monitoring & Tracking Software:
    • Multi-Tenant Monitoring Software
    • Cloud deployed, Web and Mobile view
    • Uses plug n play architecture to adopt new IoT devices dynamically
    • Software as a Service
    • Dashboard with Maps, Alarms, Reports
    • Auto alert
  • Device Software for
    • Healthcare (Heart beat, Pedometer, Idle, Moving, Fallen, BP etc)
    • GPS Tracking
    • WiFi tracking
    • Medical SoS
    • Security SoS
    • Voice/Video calling
    • ManFall down alert
    • Sending data to cloud

50% of critical patient dies before reaching hospital.

  • Live video feed of location and patient to doctor.
  • Location tracking for paramedics away from Ambulance.

90% of elderly dies before getting any help in emergency situation.

  • Location tracking and alert for Dementia/Alzheimer patient.
  • Auto alert of Elderly fall down, immediate rescue.
  • Medicine reminders.
  • Sending vitals of remote patient and elderly to hospital/doctor (without paper).
  • Auto location tracking for safety & rescue of 1st responders.
  • Auto alert of falling.
  • SoS help for medical.
  • SoS help for police/fire/security.
  • Two way voice/video communication along with situation handling.
  • Live updates of location to control room for better visibility.
  • Video recording helps in justice/support/improve situation for betterment.

For UNDERGROUND/INDOOR mines like environment

  • Location based miners tracking in underground mines using wireless IoT.
  • 2 way voice communication using wearable.
  • Gas sensor monitoring, using wireless M2M/IoT.
  • Works without mobile and GPS signal.
  • Wireless health monitoring of Miners/workers.
  • Automated monitoring /alarming without human intervention.
  • Higher production at lower CAPEX.
  • Remote monitoring & control of miners and machines.

For Opencast / outdoor industrial environment

  • Vehicle tracking.
  • Asset/inventory tracking.
  • Fuel theft prevention.
  • Tyre pressure monitoring.
  • Geo fencing.
  • Driver attendance.
  • Much more things for your needs.
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  • Real time location of critical resource(maintenance/security/others).
  • Auto Alert of critical resource fallen and immediate relief.
  • Higher utilization of Resource time: Productivity increaseè Revenue increase.
  • Lower break down time: remote technician support via Video call.

SmartKavach solution

(Cloud based Saas Solution)

IoT Device (SmartKavach) is Industrally designed, LightWeight, Rugged, Waterproof wearable that has SIM card, WiFi, BLE for communication.

EasyOS is Patent pending Operating System developed for the wearable smartwatch. It improves user experience and extend battery life
SmartKavach App

SmartKavach app is available for GPS tracking, WiFi tracking, SoS, Man fall down alert, Skype-like video calling, Heartbeat rate etc. It works automatically and sends data to cloud based management software.

It is People/Vehicle/Asset/Inventory Monitoring & Tracking Software that can be deployed on Cloud or local server. Details can be viewed from anywhere on PC and Mobile.

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WiFi Network Planning and Design

  • 1): Real Wireless Network Without Wire.
  • 2): Long range or short range device.
  • 3): Machine to Machine communication.
  • 4): Choose small/medium/large network.

Integration and Customization

  • 1): SmartKavach feature addition/customization.
  • 2): SmartKavach Integration to existing software.

Maintenance and Support

While you are concentrating on your business growth, we maintain and support your wireless network and SmartKavach solution seamlessly. We make sure all critical resource available online. Isn’t it great?

About us

"When Death is probable, choose life over death using SmartKavach Solution"

Innovative SmartKavach Solution Primarily Focus on minimizing time to get emergency help When there is no hope. Our Team has vast experience in Information Technology, Internet of Things, Wireless Network, Network management systems and Now this experience help us to design and build the wearable IoT device (SmartKavach) for your need.
We are currently operating from Bengaluru (India), but our goal is to keep people safe and rescue them from accident, natural disaster, health casualty, work casualty all over the world to help and make this world better place to live and work.
so join hands to change the way Mobile healthcare and Safety & Rescue is available today for 1st responders, elderlies, industrial workers. Because we believe even a single death is not tolerable.
We are working on latest technology to make this robust and simple to use that you have ever seen. We have some wonderful customer connect, we are understanding their operation and life-threatening issues, and taken the vow to come out with a wireless IoT Solution that works even when there is no mobile signal.

SmartKavach Solution for safety, security and surveillance of employee using SmartKavach provides geo-tracking, health monitoring device on cloud

For customers, if you think you need presence tracking(GPS/WiFi), remote monitoring (machine parameter, health vital parameter) then just contact us so that we can set something up for you.

We have been working with many customers, vendors, OEMs. People that are market leaders in the industry. So don't think that your business is too large or too small for you to contact us. We are eager to help anyone and everyone.
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We're a team of enthusiastic professionals.


Mr. PriyaRanjan Kumar

Founder and CTO
18+ years in Software Industry
Expert in IoT,M2M,NMS,Cloud,Mobile App
Worked in Lucent, Aricent & EGMP from IIML
B.E (Computer Science) from Bangalore Univ, India

Ms. Rinku

Co-Founder & Director
HR/Account/Serial Entrepreneur
2 start-ups as co-founder

Mr. Sunil Kumar

Co-Founder & Director (Software)
15 years experience in software development
Worked for ITI and Lucent Bangalore
B.E (Electronics & Comm) from BIT,Sindri, India


Ishwardutt Parulkar (Cisco)

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Manoj Dey (Intel)

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B.K Sinha, Ex-CMD, SCCL

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S. N Suman, GM, ECL

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2 Channel Sales Partner in INDIA

Recognition and Awards

  • "NSIF 2016"