mobile health care

  • Live video feed of location and patient to doctor.
  • Location tracking for paramedics away from Ambulance.
  • 50% of critical patient dies before reaching hospital.
  • Location tracking and alert for geo-fencing for Dementia/Alzheimer patient.
  • Auto alert of Elderly fall down, immediate rescue.
  • Medicine reminders.
  • Sending vitals of remote patient and elderly to hospital/doctor (without paper).
  • 90% of elderly dies before getting any help in emergency situation.

Please look at the EasyM2M’s healthcare solution video.
1. SmartKavach solution for individual, patient.
2. SmartKavach solution for Home care and Ambulance staff.

Wearable SmartPhone On Your Wrist. More...

Wearable IoT Device (SmartKavach) is Industrally designed, LightWeight, Rugged, Waterproof and has SIM card, WiFi, BLE for communication and upto 6 days battery life.

SmartKavach OS

EasyOS is patent pending Operating System developed for wearable smart watch. It improves user experience and extend battery life.

SmartKavach App

SmartKavach app is available for GPS tracking, WiFi tracking, Man fall down alert, Skype like video calling, Power SoS, Medical SoS, Police/Personal SoS, Auto Answer, SMS Location Tracker, Anti-Theft, Pill reminder, Sleep tracker, Heartbeat rate etc. It works automatically and sends data to cloud based IoT Middleware software.

Management software

It is People/Vehicle/Asset/Inventory Monitoring & Tracking Software that can deployed on Cloud or local server. Details can be viewed from anywhere on PC and Mobile.

Wireless communication infrastructure

We design and integrate wireless communication infrastructure for your need, quality and cost expectations. Though it is applicable/can be used by any industry like Mining, Oil & Gas, Vehicle Transportation & Logistics, Steel, Power, Aluminum, tracking inside campus/building, remote installation, remote machine monitoring etc.
Contact us if you want to know, if it can solve your communication infrastructure CAPEX, OPEX problem. Here we have taken mining industry as an example

a). underground mining

Underground Miners should wear SmartKavachTM on wrist and it is connected to Wi-Fi mesh network infrastructure of underground mines. EasyM2M can also help coal companies with Wi-Fi equipment that is as per DGMS standard and working in Indian underground mines. While miners are travelling 2-4 Km inside underground mines, SmartKavachTM automatically send signals to surface control room on location, man fall down, dangerous tunnel traversal by miners so that safety and rescue team can call back using VoIP or Skype/Video call. Miners call press SoS button that will send SMS/Email to S&R team. Video call can be initiated by Miners as well as the S&R team to see the emergency situation in underground mines and provide support like doctors, technician. SmartKavachTM camera is used for heart beat and Blood pressure measurement and sent to Map dashboard while miners are doing video chat with doctors. EasyM2M provides end to end technology solution, installation, and maintenance support as agreed with coal companies.

b). opencast mining

The wireless network that we know is actually all wired to router/gateway to connect to internet, while providing wireless connectivity to client device like mobile, laptop, computer etc. Cost of wiring to each wireless nodes, expansion and maintenance is 3 times higher than Wireless/WiFi mesh network. Eliminating wires dramatically reduces the implementation costs (CAPEX), annual maintenance cost (OPEX) and substantially simplifies on-going operations. The Wi-Fi mesh is designed as self-managed, Self-healing and self-configurable network, making it available 24x7 even if a node fails and easy to operate and expand.

mines architecture


  • Miner feels safe with SmartKavach
  • safe underground tunnel with voice/video call
  • Opex cost in S&R scenario is reduced because less accidents and immediate response.
  • No. of deaths can be reduced significantly.
  • Compensation paid on miners death is saved.
  • Miner’s productivity increases, therefore increase in the coal production.
  • No need to invest in costly, imported equipment.
  • Indigenous technology and local support available at lesser cost.

Integration with following product for underground mines

  • Sensors: Gas, O2, Temp, Humidity
  • Flameproof CCTV
  • Diesel generator, machine.
  • Driver tracking, audio/video view.
  • Fuel sensor.
  • Driver & Tipper distance.
  • Indoor, Outdoor CCTV.
  • Tire location & pressure monitoring.
  • Spares tracking, assignment, expiry.
  • Assets management.